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Men Fashion: Why I Wear White Tees?

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So as with everyone, it’s quite challenging having a sense of “new” in this world especially as an artist.  When it comes to fashion, all it takes is one person to make something seem cool and then it becomes a trend, a fad and burns out like a match.  No one has a way of having their own style while not rolling over into the general population of pop culture or what’s cool.  Also, the cost of fashion can get quite expensive.

Yea sure, people thrift and try to say that’s cool but let’s be real. That ish gets old too and played out.  As someone who shares a lot on social media and someone of an influencer I’ve learned that trying to be like others is simply not doable all the time.  And it makes you feel like you aren’t doing enough even though you are being yourself. 

I’ve used this same theory in my music.  I simply stopped trying to make music like others and in that moment I honestly feel and know my music production began to excel beyond what I could have ever though.  So, while this is my new look for now, I really hope others can learn that it’s not always about the brand name or fancy designer that makes you look good.  Just be you and feel yourself.

Maybe it’s not a white tee but find something that makes you feel the most comfortable and start to rock it daily or weekly; whatever makes you feel good.  Save some $$ in the process, remove the constant battle of trying to keep up with others and know that you’re not in a race with other people but more so in a long distance jog with growing into a better human. 

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